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Welcome to Tobacco Processors Zimbabwe (TPZ)

Tobacco Processors Zimbabwe is a Zimbabwe company engaged in the Tobacco Processing Business. It is the first stage in the value addition process that ultimately results in various consumer products. The company’s main objectives are QUALITY, ENVIRONMENT, COST and PRODUCTIVITY. TPZ was founded in 1987 and is owned by three local tobacco merchants who also process through it, but does business for non-shareholder merchants in order to maximize on economies of scale and scope.
The company is essentially a non-profit making organization and seeks to enhance the competitiveness of its customers especially in terms of quality and cost. It is managed by a team of skilled managers with over 100 years experience in the different functions required for tobacco processing.
Tobacco Processors Zimbabwe is ISO certified to both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004, accolades that it first earned in 2002. The company’s scope of service begins with the collection of tobacco from the buying centers and ends with the dispatching of the final product to the customers.
The company’s mission statement is to provide a dedicated and reliable processing service to reputable tobacco dealers. Its vision is to the global benchmark GLT.

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Corporate Culture
Quality Assurance
Green Leaf Threshing
Social Responsibility
Human Resources
Safety, Health & Environment

The Gold Award

Gold Award for Excellence in Occupational Health and Safety

TPZ received the prestigious NSSA Gold Award for the best performers in workplace management of Occupation Health and Safety under the commerce and distribution section.

The award came following thorough industrial assessments by the NSSA's Regional Safety and Health Promotion Team. The assessment are carried out between January and July each year.

Companies are compared with national and international occupational standards to judge whether they meet or exceed the requirements.

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